Zeros Freebie Store / Scavenger Hunt


So this is a little different kinda store. You can find items for sale that I have made or collaborated with others to make inside the barn. Some of those items will cost a little bit to puchase these special items.. Then there is also a BUNCH of freebies such as PROPS and AVATARS that I rigged that are hidden all over this map! The only way to find them all is to explore everything! Dont leave one spot untouched! Watch for updates and Enjoy!

*Latest Updates*
6/18 - Added 9 prop freebies plus 1 store item
7/7 - Added 1 free environment, 2 NPC freebies & 2 houses in the pay-store
7/25 - Added 2 free environments & 1 prop
9/9 - Added 2 free tshirts
11/30 - Added 2 freebies and 1 house in the pay-store

(Always a WIP)

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