Deep-Space Drifter


The Bionic Cruiser is a construct of elegance. In terms of its basic shape, it resembles a manta ray and is perfectly streamlined in its curves. The spacecraft has no mechanical propulsion systems - it is designed to be propelled solely by psychic powers.

This ship went too far and crossed the boundary of no return, leaving our timeline forever.

Entry for Home Makeover #7 (2022)

* House template by Luovanime.
* Control screens and relax chairs by Davide Tirindelli.
* Sleeping chamber, robot chamber and floor by Chipp Walters.
* Skybox and clouds by Bluebell.
* Space suit by dan4ez.
* Celestial bodies and sun by Tensor.
* Manta shape by Tensor inspired by his daughter and modeled according to her stuffed animal.
* Sansar in the flow animation and pumping batteries by Tensor.
* Story theme based on Perry Rhodan.

* March 2024: Fixed most of the collision volumes.

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