MetaGarden Club 2.0 by TanjaV


Become part of a work of artǃ Immerse yourself‚ meditate and enjoy the scenery. MetaGarden Club 2.0 is a virtual alchemy garden rich in sentient objects that soothe our senses and another outpost from Tanja’s series of artworks for social VR spaces. Club 2.0 is a virtual club and garden that enables us to explore virtual reality as a social space of connectedness, featuring a minimal techno audio-visual set or special events scheduled by the author. It is inhabited by generated Dyson Sphere-like devices, objects inspired by the shapes of snakes and plants, and Tanja’s proto machines, futuristic retro devices that take care of our environments.
Within MetaGarden we also organize Ultramono LABS events‚ dedicated to the promotion of futuristic art and IDM -Intelligent dance music․ Ultramono LABS is a place of digital permaculture‚ inspiring conversations‚ and gallery and clubbing events in retrofuturistic ambients of MetaGarden by Tanja Vujinovic․ More at www․tanjav․art

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