Cliffside Caverns

Sequel to Treehouse Overlook. Designed to work on a wider range of computers.

Includes a large landing area for events and meetups with a lighthouse and treetop village in the distance.

Adjacent to this is the entrance to a dark cavern that winds its way up through the rock of the cliffs and provides access to treetop bridges and majestic lookouts.

A short helicopter ride gives a breathtaking view of the greatly expanded cliff system featuring castles embedded in the mountainside face.

The whole build is tied together by a series of teleporters that allow quick access to the most interesting parts of the park. Walk up to one of the framed paintings and activate to teleport to the place depicted.

opened to public: January 15, 2019
experience last updated: January 30, 2019
tags: trees, forest, lighthouse, nature, park, cave, liferain

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