VR Meetings The Office


The Benefits of Virtual Meetings
TRAVEL - Do not travel abroad and limit your time in setting up a virtual meeting.
SPACE - Have a meeting or workshop up to 50 avatars. Above the number of 50 will automatically divide the experience into instances of 50 in numbers at a time, making big events possible from Real Life and Inworld.
PRODUCTIVITY - Multitask while you are at your desk in real life. Attend a virtual meeting in front of your computer. Choose headphones if you prefer or chat/voice inworld.
TECH - Use the right virtual meeting software to enable teleconference,stream video,share audio and view webcams of other attendees. Improve your presentation or sale offer to potential clients even located on another continent in real life.
FACILITIES - The creator of VR Meetings The Office, is keeping up with the latest communication tech to improve the virtual meeting experience. Cooperation with the social VR platform.

For reservations please contact Retro Metallic. Free Meetings upon availability.

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