Apocalypse NYC


New York City 2099: After the big flood new tribes returned and called it Sink City.
One of the best Fishing Grounds of The Old Americanas.
Kingdom of The Fluid People.
Please respect the 3 Tribes of The Kingdom as a Visitor:

- The Reclaimers: Humanoid Survivors from the old world. Don´t talk about the business ~> salvage, treasure hunt and recycle.

- The Mutants: they live in the sea or inside the ruins and considered holy by The Fluid People, please give them the mental space they need like rituals, dreams and magic.

- The Clones: they are very important for survival & maintenance of the Fluid Kingdom.
Do not distract them! They are advanced robots or cloned androids.

Grab a fishing rod & welcome to Sink City !

Snapshots (150)