Tierra de Gigantes


A place where to find yourself and meditate under the Moon. The Giants will watch over you.

Un lugar donde encontrarte a ti mismo y meditar bajo la Luna. Los Gigantes velarán por ti.

CREDITS / CRÉDITOS: ---------------------------------------------------------------

VR Experience Design, Texts and Voice Performance (English and Spanish) by Luis Sotillos. /////

3D Objects: Project Sansar's Highlands Template Layout. /////

Music: The Young False Man, Elysium Anonymous. https://archive.org/details/onclassical-quality-wav-audio-files-of-classical-music/onclassical_demo_elysium_anonymous-elysium_the-young-false-man_small-version_live-and_restored.wav /////

Ambience Sound: Wind at Night by inchadney.
https://freesound.org/people/inchadney/sounds/134068/ /////

Sky Background: Moon Background by Jumbo, Sansar Store. /////

Mars Planet by Agustine, Sansar Store.