Kabidan includes related worlds, the general ideology of which is the game. This is a starting place that is available to everyone to visit.
You can visit several different places that are available to everyone. The rest of the locations are available only for guild members who are united by the knowledge of one Slavic language.
Kabidan is a royal city ruled by an unknown king.
Here you can pray to Saint Kabidan, go fishing by the pond, complete quests without gifts, eat, sleep on the bed. Also here you can train your own combat skills and shoot at a target with a pistol with soap bubbles.
Observe the rules of decency, do not be rude to the owner of the location. For rudeness, you can get banned for life.
You can safely grab objects, they return back to their positions. Therefore, do not be shy - run, have fun, touch objects with your fingers if you have the opportunity. You can also have fun with your friends here. A great place for a small company (a large company can start lagging).

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