Club dedicated to the Graphic Novel.

All 3d assets made by Jack Verissimo, except :

-------Divine Lightrays by Unreal Project's Store

-------Metal Fun Ball by Harmonic-c's store( Special Thanks)

-------Animated Night Flies by Agustine's store( Special Thanks)

------- 3D Glass by Albestio's Store( Special Thanks)

------- Glass Dessert by Nicla's Store( Special Thanks)

------- Lava Lamp Green by BlueBell's Store

------- 3D Baby Groot by 9A Films / Nihar Arora( Sketchfab)

------- 3D Spiderman by Shitlock_Homeless( Sketchfab)

------- 3D Ironman by SketchSupreme( Sketchfab)

------- 3D Batman by nitwit.friends( Sketchfab)

------- 3D Darseid by CAPTAAINR( Sketchfab)

------- Superman by Alex_Oberski ( Sketchfab)

------- White Widow by RegnadBIT ( Sketchfab)

------- Silver Surfer by Alexlashko ( Sketchfab)

------- Hellboy by Printed Obsession ( Sketchfab)

Music by
SpaceWave - Cosmic Relaxation

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