Sansar Rock Garage


Do you like Rock and Roll ???
..And cars ? Do you like ????

What about join both ???
Welcome to Sansar Rock Garage !!!! ...Because the best rock bands raised in garages ! We have bar shaped as electric guitars and maye you will see John, Paul, Ring and Harrison crossing the street like the classic scene at Abbey Road, Liverpool.

On the 2nd floor you will find The Gallery of Rock, a hall of fame containing the most outstanding rockers.

Welcome to Sansar Rock Garage, where the passion for car and rock and roll get joined ! All the illumination on the dance area came from the cars on the ground or cars suspended by whire. There is about 10 live shows on the screen as preset and it runs randomly, so sometimes you will come here and will enjoy Ramones, other time could be Black Sabbath, etc...

This experience is dedicated to my best friends of Sansar !

Thnx for Terje to supply the floor texture and the media screen !

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