Scurry Waters


Scurry Waters was inspired by a YouTube video that Bagnaria watched on a Sunday morning:

In the evening a new experience was born.

We invite you to relax on one our Tahitian style floats, bribe a scurry to call a speedboat ride, have a scurry paddle you around, hop on a stingray to explore the coastline, play our quest, fire of some canons to destroy targets or throw things to break some bottles at the beach.

Our biggest promise is that there will always be surprises.

This experience is a passion project by Bagnaria who have gone FullSpectrum. Much of the modeling by Bagnaria. Bagnaria likes to blow things up, as long as it is not her scripts.

Our goal for Scurry Waters is that there will always be a reason to come back, after all, these waters are Scurry. It's a hangout place with small games and things to play with.

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