Rizal Museum


Welcome to Museo ni Rizal, or in english: "Musuem of Rizal"

This museum tackles about Rizal's life. How he lived as a normal person and worked his way up to saving the Philippines from the invaders that used to invade the country back then. He inspired many Pilipinos to the Philippines' Independence because of his dedication and love for the country.

This museum is for my final project in my RizaLife Subject. We are tasked to make any art medium that is related to Rizal and I thought making an experience about him. Even though making this experience is stressful, it's worth it and fun to see the results! I hope you guys enjoyed your stay here and hopefully you learned something new.

Here is a video showcasing what is inside the museum: https://youtu.be/FYyBhfIIArk

Death-line of this project: October 8, 2019

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