Tannhäuser Gate Bar

By Elvenmade


Enjoy the experimental frequencies of Fluid Radio while relaxing (after all that running and shooting) with a pint of our finest intergalactic robobrew, best in space this side of T-Gate and the pride of our robocrew. There is also robostew, electric cheese and Champagne from planet Tellus.

You can arm yourself with a colorful Orbgun that is also a light source for your exploration of the alleyways at Tannhäuser Gate Station. You find them on the wall right in front of you when you spawn.
Shoot your friends, they won't come to harm. There is a score when you drop the Orbgun. When dropped it returns to the gun rack.

Orbguns are not allowed in the bar! It is a safe-zone.

F3 for 1st person and then ESC for crosshairs (circle).

Bug: if you run forward and shoot you shoot yourself - and it counts. Ah well...

A Work In Progress. Made with freebies from the store and a few free textures and sounds from the Internet. Scripts are the built-in Simple Scripts.

Sounds from SoundBible.com,
CC by 3.0 Mike Koenig