The Belongings Gallery


The Belongings Gallery is a three-way collaboration between Dissrup, the artist-centric, digital collectibles platform; BO.VK, the 3D artist; and Rf.C art, a private collection of seminal NFT artworks.

Conceived as a space for showcasing Dissrup’s second platform drop, The Belongings Gallery spotlights our latest collaboration with BO.VK. The result is an ambitious installation of giant, digital bean bags, housed in an avant-garde reinterpretation of the traditional white cube gallery space.

Dissrup community members and Sansar users can freely explore the space, interacting with the Belongings bean bag installations, as well as the selection of complementary NFT artworks, curated by Rf.C.

The Belongings Gallery is the first VR space curated by the Dissrup platform, and a glimpse into the future of virtual art gallery experiences.