The Urban Art Experience


Welcome to the Urban Art Experience, the largest collection of urban art in any world!
Here you’ll find an ever growing selection works by leading artists from around the world. Never before has it been possible to experience such an explosion of idea driven urban art in one place…especially not in VR!
Featured artists include;
Banksy, Nick Walker, OS Gemeos, Inkie, Dan, Paul Insect, ETAM, Josh Keyes, Antony Micallef, Fenton Magee, Blu, Herakut, Conor Harrington, Roa, Kislo, Blek Le Rat, Parry, Bue, Eelus, Kobra, Sainer, Shepard Fairey, Nychos, Hush, ARYZ, Cheo, David Walker, Stik Man, Invader, Buff Monster, Dolk, Pichiavo, Seen, Dondi, Obieth and many more...

NEW! - visit the sand pit and try your skills at 'lil cutie skittles' (working title), along with 'rifle gulf' (also working title). Some politically charged content has been replaced.

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