Ultimate Disc


The Ultimate Disc arena (by @C3rb3rus & @EvoAv), a game loved by millions in its RL version, is now available on Sansar. This is a team based sport where the team with the most points wins. Organize a game with your friends and play a game with up to 5 vs 5 players. The game starts and entrance blocked once there is at least one player on each team, so have your players ready at the entrance before joining the game.

Spectator areas available, and player voices are broadcasted.

- Team that reaches 3 points, or has the most points after time runs out, wins
- Max disc air time in the game is 10 minutes (clock freezes when the disc is on the ground)
- Max traveling with disc is 10 meter (traveling while jumping does not count)
- Max time for holding the disc is 10 seconds
- When disc touches the ground, it is a turn over

Players can start a vote to restart the game by saying in chat `/voterestart`.

Snapshots (80)