Sansar Advertising Center


Now you can Advertise select items from your Sansar Marketplace on the Sansar Website!

Each calendar will have two opportunities to begin an advertising session lasting approximately 2 weeks. Each Session will cost 500 Sansars and transaction will show payment made to BanketteMonet - Sansar. All proceeds from these sales will contribute towards a community fund for prizes etc.

To Purchase: Hover over the First Half or Second Half "Begins Here" on the Calendar and click to purchase. You will receive an item labelled with the dates you purchased as a receipt.

To Provide Marketplace Listings: Reach out to us to begin! This process is completed manually. Please allow adequate time to complete the listing. Please join the Sansar Discord.

Would you like to contribute an original mesh or Marvelous Designer item to BanketteMonet - Sansar to sell to generate more Sansars for Events? Please contact us for further information.

Do you need funds to award during your event? Reach out to us with your idea!

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