Skye Naturae Virtualis


Studio Skye presents Naturae Virtualis, an exploration of virtual nature in Sansar and an homage to the intense, lush riot of textural detail we enjoy on any simple real life forest walk.
As I build up a catalogue of VR ready landscaping products I'll be adding more varied details and gradually working towards my vision - to boldy grow what no man has grown before (sorry) or simply put - create a natural virtual space just as enticing and captivating as the real (no harm in dreaming the impossible!)

Don't forget that many of the items you see are available in my Sansar Store (got to pay for grow bags somehow!).

I really hope you enjoy wandering through this space and if you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to email me on or catch me on Discord - AlexBader

This is Phase One which will be evolving with small changes here and there. I'll update the phase as I add new areas.

Credit: reinsamba and vkproduktion at for birdsong sound fx

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